Bridal Size Chart Guide

Use this size chart to determine your bridal size. Bridal gown sizes are not like typical streetwear sizes. Bridal gown sizes run small, always check the size you need with our size chart before purchasing and don't be surprised if your bridal size is larger than your regular clothing. 

We recommend that you get someone to assist you and use a soft, flexible measuring tape. Do not wrap the tape too tightly while measuring. Wear an unpadded bra and stand straight with your feet together. If any of your measurements is on the borderline between two sizes, we recommend picking the larger size***.

  • BUST - measure your entire chest around the fullest part of the bust across the nipple.
  • WAIST - measure around the smallest part of your waist (usually around 1" / 2-3 cm above your belly button).
  • HIPS - measure around the widest part of your hips.

Most of our dresses are available in sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and in a custom size. An average dress measures 5.1ft /155 cm hollow to floor, depending on the design*. It is usually a good fit for a bride who is 5.6-5.9 ft. tall wearing heels**.
Bust, inches Waist, inches Hips, inches
31 1/2 "
23 1/2 " 35 "
6 33 " 25 1/4 " 36 1/2 "
8 34 1/2 " 26 3/4 " 37 3/4 "
10 36 1/4 " 28 1/4 " 39 1/2 "
12 37 3/4 " 30 " 41 "
14 39 1/4 " 31 1/2 " 42 1/2 "
16 41 " 33 " 44 "
18 42 1/2 " 34 1/2 " 45 1/2 "
20 44 " 36 1/4 " 47 1/4 "

In some cases, your dress might need alterations to fit you perfectly. When you order far ahead of your wedding date, we can confirm your size right before your dress is to be made. Some brides like a loose fit, while other brides prefer a tight fit. You can alter any of our dresses at a local seamstress if you need your dress to be more fitted. We don't offer alterations, and they are not included in the purchase price.

If your measurements are not standard or you are shorter than 5'6" or taller than 5'9", a custom size might be a good option for you. It is also a good option if you are in a hurry for your wedding and need to reduce the number of alterations. This option requires a larger number of body measurements, but they result in a better dress fit.
On custom size orders, there is an additional fee of $120 Canadian dollars or an equivalent amount in U.S. dollars which is about $95 US dollars depending on the current exchange rate. To purchase, please choose the “Custom size” selection in the size field on the desired dress page while purchasing. We will contact you through email with the measurement instructions after the purchase****.

*For floor-length dresses. Not applicable to short dresses or hems that are high-low;
**Individual body proportions must be considered. Torso length and legs length are important factors to affect the fit. Additionally, we always allow extra length to the bottom for the higher heels.
***When in doubt about the size, contact us for an advice. With some dresses, upper body measurements determine the size, but with others, hip measures are more important;
****Compare your measurements with our standard size chart before completing the purchase. For numbers larger than our chart size 20, please contact us first. There are some dresses that need to be modified for plus sizes to provide better support.