Brides wearing white wedding dress and ivory colour dress

White vs Ivory: Which Wedding Dress Colour Is Right for You?

You’ve just become engaged and you’re excited! Everything is leading up to the big day. You dream about your moment walking down the aisle, wearing a stunning white dress. But what colour?

Brides wearing ivory wedding dress and white wedding dress
A light ivory wedding dress compared to a white one.


White wedding dresses are a classic and timeless bridal choice. But, as we know, there is more than one colour in the world of weddings! Many brides choose an ivory dress instead of white because they feel it suits their personality better or that it fits better with the theme of their wedding.

What are the advantages of wearing a white wedding dress vs an ivory one? This blog will compare white and ivory dresses to help you decide which shade is right for you!

Pure white is the lightest colour and is achromatic, which means that it has no hue. It is bright and crisp, so it can seem bluish under certain lighting. White wedding dresses are perfect for  brides with cooler skin tones with a pink undertone. This colour looks amazing on ladies with blue or grey eyes. Some of the cons with choosing a white dress include that it will highlight any skin imperfections and is too bright and intense for many skin tones. White is often seen as more traditional or vintage-looking.

Ivory is a softer, warmer off-white shade. You might come across variations like "soft ivory," "light ivory", "pearl", "eggshell" or even "vanilla." The difference between the colours is so slight, you don't have to worry about one shade being much different from the other. In general, shades of ivory are soft and flattering for most skin tones. Off-white wedding gowns suit those with warm and neutral skin while they don't overwhelm cooler skin. Today, ivory is the most popular colour for bridal gowns which is usually chosen for its elegance and universal appeal.