The Bridesmaid Duties Checklist

The Bridesmaid Duties Checklist

Except for her own wedding, every girl also looks forward to her BFF's wedding day. Being a bridesmaid is honorable. There may be no greater privilege as a friend than to be chosen as a bridesmaid.

The bridesmaid duties checklist

At the same time, you should know from the very beginning - it is not as easy as it may seem. Serving as the bride's No. 1 means you'll be on your toes in a very different way. Be ready to receive a fairly long list of responsibilities. A bridesmaid is expected to attend all pre-wedding parties, help out with aspects of the wedding planning as needed, and be totally present and available to the bride on the wedding day. Along with all the excitement and joy you are likely to be overwhelmed with panic. But there is no need to worry or be afraid. Do you want to be well-informed of the duties at hand in order to show up as the best bridesmaid you can be? Then this blog post is for you! We've prepared the complete guide to bridesmaids’ duties before, during, and after the wedding. 

Before Wedding

  • Take control over some pre-wedding events. Bridal shower and bachelorette party are the events a bridesmaid is in charge of. Consider that as a bridesmaid you are expected to pay for these events or at least to cover some amount of expenses.
  • Attend any rehearsals, dinners, or beauty appointments.
  • Assist with the bridesmaids’ attire, hair, or makeup. As for the bridesmaid's dress, if you are asked to wear something you do not really like, just keep your peace.
  • Be there for the bride. It's your best friend's day, so do your best to be her best support. Carry the role of being the bride’s emotional rock.

On the Wedding Day

  • Connect with the Planner and be aware of the wedding timeline.
  • Keep the Bridal Suite Spick and Span.
  • Try to be by the bride's side whenever she needs assistance. Help her get dressed, fix her wedding dress and veil throughout the day, etc.
  • Make sure the bride remembers to eat in the morning.
  • Take care of the bridal bouquet.
  • Gather family members and friends to take posed shots.

After Wedding

  • Provide help with all the returns.
  • Create a collection of all the photos and videos taken by the wedding party and share it.

The duties of a bridesmaid

We're sure you'll agree that bridesmaids are the unsung heroes of weddings. They help plan, organize, and carry out all those last-minute details so the bride can enjoy her big day with no worries. We hope this Bridesmaid Duties Checklist is a helpful resource.