A Guide To a Perfect Bridal Make-Up

A Guide To a Perfect Bridal Make-Up

Every bride-to-be puts so much time and effort into creating her wedding image. They want to find the most beautiful wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, have a nice hairdo and perfect make-up, of course.

Your wedding day is the most memorable in your life. Additionally, you are going to be photographed a lot. You would like to be the most beautiful woman at your wedding and you're going to have some close-up photos. On your big day, you will be in the spotlight. Remember also that that day is going to be a long one so you need the make-up that not only makes you look gorgeous but lasts all night. That requires a lot of finesse.

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Whether you are going to have your bridal make-up done by a professional MU artist or you think you can have control over it yourself, these tips will surely help you.

  • Do a trial make-up in a few weeks before your wedding day. If you find it redundant and just a waste of time - you must be mistaken. Thus you or your MUA can pick the best colors for you and see what products work on your skin. Experimenting right on the wedding day is not a good idea.
  • Take care of your skin first. Make sure you follow all the essential skincare steps: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. After a CTM routine make-up glides smoothly on the skin and sits much better.
  • Highlight eyes! Yes, give them all the attention. When it comes to selecting the eyeshadow, choose the color that complements your eyes perfectly. Add faux lashes - this will make a stunning effect!
  • Select the right lipstick for you. Think what you like better - glitter or matt lipstick? Do you need lip gloss? Opt for pink, soft red, or nude colors. Try several different colors to find the one that suits you best.
  • Apply waterproof mascara. From the vows to the speeches, to your first dance, be sure the tears will be flowing — but your makeup doesn’t have to be.
  • On the wedding day, carry a few make-up products like powder and lipstick with you to refresh the make-up.
  • Do not add too many layers of foundation. It will not make the make-up last longer but rather ruin the look.
  • Do not use sunscreen in order not to make your face look too white with the camera's flash.
  • Do not have facial waxing right on the day of the reception. Do it a few days earlier. Having such treatments will dry out your skin.

We hope you found the tips in this article helpful, but don't forget to ask your makeup artist for their opinion. They will know what works best on your skin and how it's going to look in photos!

Wedding make up

Make-up is important, but let yourself shine bright with joy and happiness first.