How To Live Stream Your Wedding

How To Live Stream Your Wedding

Congratulations! You have made it to the big day. Your wedding is just around the corner and you are dreaming of all that comes with it: your perfect dress, your prince charming, your happily ever after.

However, due to the current events, namely the Coronavirus pandemic, many couples have no other way out but to change their plans. But you have been waiting for this for such a long time, you do not want to cancel everything. Do not worry - you still have a chance to celebrate your wedding day. How? Do you know that virtual weddings have gained popularity recently? Live Streams have become more widely used for couples to share their special day with their dearest ones.

Holding a virtual wedding is not such a challenge if you know what to do. Thanks to a variety of video-streaming apps and services, live streaming is now easier than ever, allowing you to share the most special moments of your wedding day with loved ones near and far. Well, virtual weddings are a real trend now, aren’t they?

How to live stream your wedding

For you, we have rounded up a list of virtual video streaming apps and services. Using them you will be able to share your special day with those being far away from you.

  • Facebook and Instagram Live Streaming. Popular social network platforms must be an obvious choice for streaming your big day.  These are the platforms everyone can easily get access to.  As for drawbacks, there is a lack of privacy. Everyone who can see your profile will be able to watch the live stream.
  • YouTube Live. This service is free for unlimited viewers and you can stream in a single video for up to 12 hours. Additionally, you will be able to rewatch the video then.
  • Zoom. It is a convenient service, but there are certain limitations to take into consideration. Pay $14.99 for a monthly “pro” zoom account with additional allowances.
  • Google Hangouts is quite similar to Zoom. You can use it for up to 25 guests with no time limit unless you upgrade it to more guests.
  • Joy. In fact, this is a wedding planning website, which also offers a possibility to live stream for couples who are interested in virtual wedding celebrations.  You just need an account on Joy so you will be able to select from the available popular live-streaming platforms.

And here are a few useful tips that will help you avoid problems while live-streaming your wedding day:

  • The camera is important. Actually, video quality depends on the camera, your internet connection, and the service you’re using.
  • Make sure all your guests have access to the page where you will be live streaming.
  • Think about privacy or security issues.
  • Give everyone time to test the setup prior to the event start.
  • Last but not least. Test your own setup multiple times so that you are 100% sure it works correctly.

If you check off all the points mentioned above, there is no need to be nervous. Your wedding day will be perfect no matter what. And remember, nothing can spoil or cancel it, even the pandemic. Love wins anyway!