A bride wearing a fit-and-flare wedding dress

Hourglass Silhouette Wedding Dresses: Fit-and-Flare, Mermaid, Trumpet 

It's amazing to see how much fashion trends have changed over the years. In past generations, you would not typically find a bride wearing an hourglass-style wedding dress during her walk down the aisle. With its seductive cut and shape it was once considered an improper choice but today these dresses are seen as elegant and graceful! Ever thought about what your wedding dress would look like if it was an Hourglass silhouette? Keep reading below!

First, let’s define some terms to avoid any confusion. The Hourglass gown silhouette is also known as Fit-and-Flare, Trumpet or Mermaid. So what is the difference? All these dresses will hug your upper body and your hips and then flare out at the bottom, usually below the hips or around the knees. They feature similar silhouettes but have a difference in how the skirt of the dress flares. We call them the Hourglass silhouette or the Fit-and-Flare dress family. 

Bride wearing a wedding dress featuring a long train.
An opulent and stylish bridal gown that features a fitted bodice with a flared skirt. 


Various gowns can be described as Fit-and-Flare when they have a fitted bodice and a flared skirt. You can think of this term as referring to any hourglass-shaped dress, as well as an alternative name for Trumpet or Mermaid gowns. Also, according to some bridal designers, Fit-and-flare is a separate style that has the most modest flare that starts just below your hips.

A Trumpet silhouette hugs the bodice before gradually widening at mid-thigh for an elegant yet daring look that elongates your legs. With its trumpet-like shape, the Trumpet silhouette is suited to its name.

Mermaid wedding dresses are perfect for those seeking a dramatic silhouette. It fits like a glove at your waistline and hips and flares at or below the knee. The flared bottom has been given its name because it mimics the tail of mermaids - take some inspiration from these beautiful creatures on how best to make this gorgeous dress work for you!

A bride wearing a mermaid style wedding dress
An elegant and flattering Mermaid style wedding dress