How To Honor Your Mom On Your Wedding Day

How To Honor Your Mom On Your Wedding Day

We all know that weddings are a big deal. But what about the mother of the bride? For sure she is almost as excited about your wedding as you are — and with good reason! It is a big day for her, too.

She has been dreaming about watching her daughter walk down the aisle like a real princess since you were a little girl. We all like those special and touching moments of walking down the aisle holding your dad's hand and father-daughter dance, but every mother deserves the same recognition. If you're lucky, she'll be your maid of honor and help you plan your wedding day from start to finish. But even if she's not, it's important to remember how much time and care she put into raising her daughter —and how much joy she gave her in return. Your mom deserves a special toast on a wedding day! Here are some ideas for honoring your mother on your wedding day.

  • Ask your photographer to capture your smiles and the tears of happiness and make a cute mother-daughter portrait that will look perfect framed in her living room.
  • Prepare a special gift for her. Think of what she likes the most. After all, you know your mom best. Just do your best to acknowledge everything she's done for you. Tell her you love her and that she is one of the most important people in your life. As an option, give her something that only belongs to your family, like an heirloom or a piece of jewelry with your wedding date engraved.
  • What about a mother-daughter dance? Why not? Probably there is no such a tradition, but also there is no crime in creating your own. Pick a song both of you enjoy listening to. Make this moment special.
  • As long as there must be "something borrowed", borrow it from your mother. That is a great way to show how close you are throughout the years. You can wear her veil or use a piece of her wedding dress fabric to design your own bridal gown.
  • Give her a special place right next to you. She's always been by your side and will stay there forever. 
  • Simple but still very important - remember to thank her during your speech and ask her to speak during the ceremony. She can share some sweet memories from your childhood.
  • Make your mom a part of your big day. Let her help you with planning and preparations. Ask her for pieces of advice. Try to show your mom how important she is to you and how much you love her. She'll be the one who will remember these words forever. 

How to honor your mom on your wedding day

It is up to you to select how to honor your mother on your wedding day. Your mother will appreciate knowing how much she means to you! The best way to honor her is by making sure she knows how much you love and appreciate everything she's done for you, all while continuing the tradition of treating her like a queen. She's been your role model in life…and now she'll be the queen at your wedding!

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