Colors to Avoid Wearing to a Wedding

Colors to Avoid Wearing to a Wedding

When it comes to wedding guest etiquette, there are plenty of rules and traditions to be aware of. Some of them are changing constantly and some of them have been of great importance for centuries already. It turns out that colours that were once considered taboo are now totally okay to wear to (most) weddings. However, there are still certain hues that you should stay away from.

If you're attending a wedding, the last thing you want to do is wear an outfit that clashes with the colors. You want to be classy and not stick out like a sore thumb. So, for those of you who are unsure about what color to wear this season, here are some colors to avoid wearing when going to a wedding.

Wedding guest etiquette

What colors are considered appropriate to wear when you are a wedding guest? There are so many different thoughts and opinions about this topic, but still, there is one 100% true fact - it is a bride's day, so you better choose colors that will allow you to blend in with everyone else. Something that is too shimmery or distracting is not the best idea. Try to avoid bright colors or patterns that draw attention to you as well as wearing white. An exception is when it is the couple's request - all guests being in white. Neon colors are also not very cool to wear as a wedding guest. You don’t want to steal the spotlight from the newlyweds, do you?

Usually there are certain wedding colors. For example, it is a red and gold wedding. Of course there is not any strict dress code, but it would be great, if guests stuck to the concept. In fact, it makes the process of choosing what to wear a bit easier.

Well, there are two good pieces of advice:

  1. Take into consideration the wedding day dress code, if it is defined, but look for the attire that suits you best. You should feel comfortable whatever you are wearing.
  2. Avoid wearing neon, too bright and sparkle colors. Do not choose a white attire unless it is all-white wedding. After all, if you are unsure and confused, ask the bride.

We really hope this post was helpful and you will refer to it before choosing what to wear to a wedding next time. Stay beautiful and stylish!