Can Guests Wear White To a Wedding?

Can Guests Wear White To a Wedding?

It's wedding season and it can be difficult to know what is "appropriate" when you're getting dressed. 

There is a time and place for everything, but it seems like there are more restrictions on what you can wear to weddings than ever before. From the color of your wedding dress, to what type of shoes you should wear with your outfit, or even if guests are allowed to wear white at all--it's hard to keep up! One thing that might surprise people is that some brides want their guests to wear white at their wedding. The idea behind this trend is that these couples believe in celebrating purity and innocence by asking their friends and family not just to stay away from black clothing, but also any dark colors. You might be wondering, can guests wear white to a wedding? The answer is, it depends. 

Can guests wear white for a wedding?

Well ok, you are looking for a dress to wear for somebody's wedding and you fall in love with a beautiful cream- or ivory-colored dress. But you wonder whether it would be appropriate. Is it too close in hue to the bride's attire? Would she mind it? For all the guests it is important not to upstage the bride. After all, white color is always reserved for the bride to wear at the wedding.

In fact, wearing a white wedding guest attire has always been considered the ultimate faux pas. But as time passes, certain traditions change, and brides come up with their own rules.

So it is impossible to provide one answer to that question. But we can give a piece of advice. to be on the safe side, opt for a colored dress of some sort. You never go wrong by playing it safe.

However, white is acceptable under a few circumstances:

  • It's all about white. Some couples may ask all guests to wear white for a themed party.
  • The bride wants her bridesmaids in white and you are one of them.
  • Your outfit has a pattern with subtle hints of white.

In such situations, you can wear white without any doubt. If you are unsure, you better ask a bride or go for something colored.