A bride wearing the right bra for a wedding day

The Right Undergarments for a Wedding: Tips for Brides

With the wedding day quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about what you're going to wear underneath. There are many options for brides when it comes to undergarments. These delicate items are designed to help you feel beautiful and confident wearing your wedding gown. When choosing your bridal lingerie keep a few key points in mind: fit, comfortability, cost-effectiveness, and colour. Below we have provided our top recommendations for choosing the right undergarments for your perfect big day look!

 Bridal undergarments on a hanger

First Things First

It is important to choose your wedding dress first, as it will be the most memorable part of your bridal look. Or perhaps it's not even a dress, as separates, jumpsuits, and wedding suits are gaining popularity. In most cases accessories, shoes and undergarments should follow after you've decided on the main piece to complete this beautiful image together. Think of your bridal apparel when choosing what type of undergarments to wear - will it show or not, is the fabric thin or thick, etc.


A comfortable, stylish bra can be a game-changer for any outfit. And there are so many options! To start with, you have to determine if you actually need one. Whether you need a bra depends on the type of gown. If it's structured, has sewn-in cups and will support you, then skip one!

For Ms. Bliss wedding dresses, we have cups built-in for the majority of our gowns. When you have a low back or other design that prevents you from wearing a bra, cups attached to the dress are an excellent option! This also ensures your dress won't shift around and expose your bra at some point. Would you want to have more control over your dress so it stays in place? Double-sided tape that is safe for use on the skin can be helpful. Search the web for body tape, fashion tape, or double-sided clothing tape for options available.

If having cups built into your dress isn't for you, there are a few more alternatives. Wear a seamless bra to prevent any lines from showing through your gown. It makes sense to look for a strapless bra if your wedding dress has no straps. If you're okay with adhesive cups, we recommend investing in a pair. Stick-on bras are similar to build-in cups in that they reduce breast bounce and provide a more natural look. But they are attached to you, not to your dress. Regardless of the option you choose, opt for whatever is closest to your skin tone. White may seem more "bridal", but it might show through. The safest choice is to wear undergarments that are as similar to your own skin tone as possible.


The dress you're planning to wear will determine the type of underwear you need. A Ball Gown wedding dress may be worn with just about anything since the voluminous bottom will conceal everything beneath it. A sleek and form-fitting underwear piece may be needed to ensure there are no visible lines when wearing a Sheath wedding gown. Mermaid and Fit-and-flare dresses are designed to highlight your body, and shapewear or seamless underwear would be beneficial. You can wear almost any lingerie with A-line gowns, but the smooth fabric is preferable. Choose panties with a low waistline if your dress has a sheer top to avoid underwear being visible through the bodice. And remember to stay close to your natural skin tone when choosing the colour.

Comfort is important

Your undergarments should be something you're comfortable in. If you have sensitive skin, make sure the undergarments are made of breathable fabrics, silk or lace that are soft against the skin. Shop for the right size to avoid discomfort.

This is not only about physical comfort, it's also about emotions. Find a style that fits your personality best - do you want to feel sexy and confident, or maybe classic and modest? There's nothing like walking around knowing how beautiful you look beneath your dress.

Good lingerie is probably not going to be cheap, but definitely worth it! Keep in mind that lingerie isn't just for the wedding; it may be worn again for other occasions. If you are on a budget, there are plenty of places where you can find inexpensive options. You may even have some old pieces lying around in your closet already!

We hope you’ve found this article helpful in your search for the perfect wedding undergarments. If not, we invite you to contact us and ask about any of these tips or anything else related to wedding dresses!