Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

You've been dreaming about what your wedding will look like since you were a little girl. The colors, the details, everything is planned out in your head. You can't wait to have that one day of bliss where all of the important people are gathered around celebrating with you. But before it happens, there's something else on your mind - the perfect bridal shower! In fact, it is the bridesmaids' job to plan a bridal shower. With so many options and themes to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Well we're here to help your beautiful ladies of honor out with some clever ideas that will make any bride happy!

What's a wedding without a bridal shower?

How to throw a perfect bridal shower

The celebration is an opportunity to give the bride-to-be some thoughtful gifts and spend time with friends before the big day. This is a party a bride will remember for the rest of her life.

If you are in charge of throwing a bridal shower, you want to make it unforgettable and as special as possible. If the guest list is mixed, it may be a real challenge. So what theme would you choose when you've got a multi-generational crowd to please?

  • Champagne Brunch. Prepare beautiful bowls of fruit, fresh pastries, and plenty of chilled champagne. We are sure, everyone would like to attend such an event.
  • Fiesta. Margaritas, sangria, a taco bar, and cactus-shaped desserts. Bright colors make a gorgeous backdrop for a photo session.
  • Alice in Wonderland Tea Party. Sounds quite elegant, doesn't it? It is so sweet and nostalgic. Any girl would like it regardless of age.
  • In case it is warm enough, think of organizing an outside movie night. Grab your favorite snacks, rugs, and make sure to rig a wicked sound system.
  • Paris Romance is a real dream, so why not make it come true? Incorporate the Eiffel Tower into the decorations and serve up French wines, cheeses, and desserts.
  • Pajama Party. Yes, we all enjoy having fun with BFFs just the way we used to do back when we were children. Throw an awesome girls' night in, complete with pizza, drinks, candy, games, and a movie.
  • Disco Party. Tell the theme in advance so guests will have jumpsuits, big hair, and way too much eyeshadow.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's. Every bride would be happy to get a Tiffany blue box, so why not make an entire party filled with them?
  • Chic Boho style. Bring some earthy elements. Consider a rustic color scheme. Decorate the food table with macrame pieces, giving it a soft and textured feel. Use poufs instead of chairs.

There are many more ideas for a perfect bridal shower, and you also can come up with your own, unique ones. Still, if you lack inspiration, this post will hopefully help you. And remember, it doesn't really matter what theme you choose. After all, a bridal shower is about a bride and her closest and dearest people celebrating happiness and love together.