Backyard Weddings

Backyard Weddings

We are sure you've heard the saying "You can't have your wedding in a backyard." That's not true. You totally can!

We know it might sound daunting, but don't let that stop you from going through with it. Whether you're hosting a small party for friends and family or a larger event with hundreds of guests, there is a way to make this dream come true. A backyard wedding is a dream for many brides, but it can also be a nightmare. It's less expensive and more intimate than a traditional ceremony, but you need to carefully plan your backyard so it doesn't turn into an outdoor disaster. You'll want to consider the location of the ceremony as well as reception, potential weather conditions, and any other factors that will make or break your big day.

What is a backyard wedding?

It's an intimate, cozy, convenient, and, what is important, budget-friendly ceremony. It means inviting your dearest and closest people to your home thus bringing the level of comfort and familiarity to a group of people unfamiliar with each other.

Backyard wedding ceremony

What we like the most about planning a backyard wedding is the possibility to be as creative as possible. Run wild with inspiration!

There are tons of amazing tips on how to plan an unforgettable backyard wedding right here! Get started planning today so your big day won't be held inside all cramped up.

  • Consider the weather. Probably, that is the most important thing. Not too cold and not too hot a perfect middle ground. Prepare a chill lounge zone by using outdoor furniture. Have a plan B in case of rain. You can never be 100% sure when it comes to weather so make sure you have a rain plan to avoid turning your backyard wedding into a real catastrophe.
  • Design simple but beautiful decorations. Use trees, embrace them, and illuminate everything with string lights. When it is dark, the location will look just breathtaking.
  • Make a grand entrance for a tented backyard reception. When you are on your way to the party, make sure that it is a stylish one. Take full advantage of the natural surroundings.
  • Make a fancy escort card and seating display. A framed wire is always a good idea!
  • Never forget about small accents. Why not decorate the table with some fresh herbs?
  • Make sure the atmosphere is comfortable for every guest. Prepare blankets to wrap up in when the temperature drops.
  • How could we forget about music? Live music is the best option for a backyard wedding. Consider hiring a cover band, for example. It will make your big day even more special and romantic. By the way, take into consideration that with the sound system and lighting comes the need for an added source of power. You better take a generator. 
  • What wedding arch to construct? Something in the rustic style would be excellent for a backyard wedding. 
  • Last but not least. Inform your neighbors about your backyard wedding. It is better to tell them in advance in order to avoid problems and inconveniences. 

Bride and groom at a backyard wedding

A backyard wedding is a great way to have your special day on your own terms. The best way to have such a celebration is by doing it with style! Remember that there is no wrong answer when it comes to where or how big your wedding should be, so don't stress about having an event that fits in with social norms. We hope you found this blog post useful and that your wedding ceremony will be the greatest!