A Perfect Wedding Bouquet

A Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Your wedding will definitely be one of the most important days in your entire life. It takes so much time to plan it because you, obviously, want everything to be just perfect. You need to take into consideration literally everything - starting from the location the ceremony will take place to the color of table napkins. You will be surprised how many details there are to think about. 

While preparing for the big day, a bride should carefully think through her whole image including the wedding dress, shoes, accessories, make-up, and a wedding bouquet. 

A wedding bouquet is an important part of a bride’s image and therefore it must look harmonically. Still, do not forget about seasonality because every bloom has a life cycle and a resulting impact on your budget. Depending on what season you choose for your wedding day, there is quite a wide range of options. However, opting for in-season stems will always be more cost-effective. When it comes to making floral arrangements, it turns out to be not that simple as it first may seem. You can consult a professional florist, or read this article, where you will find interesting ideas for each of the four seasons.

A perfect wedding bouquet


If you plan your wedding in winter, you have to understand that the floral variety is not that wide. Maybe you will not be able to design a bride’s bouquet out of your favorite flowers, but you will find beautiful substitutes. Do you like large amaryllis, classic anemones, charming astilbe, branches, or romantic hellebores? These flowers will make up a gorgeous bouquet for a cold-weather wedding. 


When we speak about flowers, spring is the richest season. The variety is so big, it seems to be impossible to select. You are lucky to pick up the prettiest petals. Here are just a few examples to fill your bouquet with: daffodils, which come in various colors, fabulous garden roses, light brown lisianthus, lovely lilacs, bell-shaped lily-of-the-valley, small ranunculi, delicate sweet peas, tulips, and tweedia, which, by the way, can come as “something blue‘.


Do you want your wedding bells to ring when it is hot outside? Summer is a period of the most colorful blooms. But let us give you a piece of advice - flowers must be given proper hydration throughout your celebration’s duration. For a summer wedding, we suggest going with such flowers as soft clematis, extravagant delphiniums or foxgloves, charming hydrangeas, colorful poppies, bright scabiosa and sunflowers, minimalistic white campanulas, and zinnias which will add some bright and playful color to your bouquet. 

 A bouquet for a bride


If you are going to walk down the aisle in fall, here are several ideas for your perfect wedding bouquet: classic chrysanthemums, dahlias, lush hanging amaranthus, quirky kangaroo paws, gorgeous toffee roses. 


We do hope this short guide will be useful for you. Remember, that nature is rich and every season provides a unique selection of flowers. No matter what time of the year you choose to say “I do”, you will look fantastic.