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  • Ideas For a Bachelorette Party

    A bachelorette party is a great time to spend with your girls before you tie the knot. One of the best things about these parties is that they are usually filled with some sort of crazy activity, whether it be paintballing or masquerade ball. Check out this list for ideas on how to plan an awesome bachelorette party!

  • The Best Wedding Movies

    We all do love love. And nothing screams louder about that high feeling but a scene from a wedding. That is why films about weddings are so popular. Are you looking for a great movie to watch before your wedding? Most people love to watch movies about weddings. Especially for you, we have put together a list of the greatest wedding movies ever. 
  • Wedding Is All About You

    Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life, but there are many factors that can make it stressful. After all, remember that even though every detail matters, not everything needs to be perfect for a happy and successful event. Most importantly, have fun with your guests and take time during this once-in-a-lifetime experience to soak in how lucky you are to be surrounded by people who love you.
  • What You Really Need to Know About Wedding Dresses

    You might think that wedding dress shopping is a fun way to spend the day with your BFFs, but it can actually be quite stressful and overwhelming. It is especially important to choose the dress that compliments your body type. It's not just about looking beautiful, it's also about feeling comfortable. After all, you will have to wear the dress during the whole day. Here are several useful tips for you

  • How to Welcome Wedding Guests

    A wedding is a busy day! But where do you find time for the people who make it all possible? Your guests! The best way to welcome them is by greeting them with food and drinks at the door. It's an easy gesture that will make sure they feel extra special on your big day. We've got some tips that will help make sure that your guests are welcomed with open arms!

  • How to Create Wedding Vows

    It's a big day and you're about to make the biggest commitment of your life. But do you know what is one of the most important parts? Your wedding vows. The words that you say, in front of all those people who care so much about you, will be remembered for years to come. They are a representation of how committed and ready you are to spend your lives together as husband and wife.
  • Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

    Among the wedding traditions celebrated all around the globe in different ways is the concept of having something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue on your wedding day as a sign of good luck. What is the meaning behind each item?
  • Best Songs For the First Dance At a Wedding

    When it comes to selecting a perfect tune for the first dance at a wedding, you better think of a song that connects you as a couple somehow. Find a song with lyrics that mirror your relationships and feelings. We’ve created a list of the most popular songs for the first dance at a wedding you may like. Look through it and maybe there will be a good idea for your ceremony.
  • Hourglass Silhouette Wedding Dresses: Fit-and-Flare, Mermaid, Trumpet 

    The Hourglass gown silhouette is also known as Fit-and-Flare, Trumpet or Mermaid. So what is the difference? All these dresses will hug your upper body and your hips and then flare out at the bottom, usually below the hips or around the knees. They feature similar silhouettes but have a difference in how the skirt of the dress flares. We call them the Hourglass silhouette or the Fit-and-Flare dress family. 
  • Tips for Busy Brides

    Getting married is a big event! All those preparations are so interesting, joyous, and … stressful. Are you a busy bride-to-be who is looking for ways to save some time, money and precious brain space by outsourcing your wedding planning efforts? If so, then read on. We've got several quite useful tips for you!
  • Sheath Wedding Dresses: It's All About Fit

    The sheath wedding dress (also known as the Column wedding dress) is a tight-fitted silhouette that emphasizes the form of your body. It's perfect for highlighting curves and shapes! What do you think about this style? Would it be right for you? Read on to find out all about these gorgeous sheaths below!
  • Why Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

    Why should you hire a wedding planner? There is nothing more exciting than planning your wedding. The colors, the flowers, the cakes—it's all so new and fresh. But at some point, it can become overwhelming if you don't hire a professional to help with the details. You will feel less stressed about every detail of your big day because you know that someone else has it under control!